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“The jaw drops when Javi Perez lets his fingers whizz over the strings. As soon as the audience recovered from their amazement, they started dancing and clapping to the rhythm. The guitar duo Javi Pérez and Teresa Sarda are a phenomenon in themselves"

Unusually Loud
Spanish Guitar Duo

Fresh from a triumphant 17 date tour of Japan, Zurito are ready for World domination!
With soulful virtuosity and rockstar passion, the fiery guitar duo have transformed the traditional Spanish Guitar sound into a psychedelic, riotous explosion of limbs, melody and rhythm that must be seen to be believed!

Zurito built a staunch fanbase performing groovy rhumba rhythms on the streets of London and Europe. This lead to a slew of gigs and tours that have firmly established them as forces to be reckoned with on the New Jazz, Pub rock and Spanish music scene.

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Rumba, Gypsy, Flamenco, Latin Music, World Music, Psychedelic, Jazz, Rock, Caribbean, Calypso

Various, Japan Tour 2023

“My soul trembled”
“I can't believe that the rhythm section, accompaniment, vocals, and stringed melodies are all done by two people”
“Is there anyone who doesn't dance to this music? The ridiculously fast guitar was like sparks flying. I was able to feel the music with all my nerves and felt it could also cross all borders”
“Zurito's two guitars were so used that the parts they put their hands on were completely worn out. I could understand how much they had played. It's too awesome”
“The two are truly loved by people, and before the performance, there was a person who gave them shoes as a gift, and a person who came from Kyoto to give them a letter. I felt that their power was tremendous”
“A duo of flamenco-styled rock that used beat-in rhythms. Just like Gypsy Kings, they are doing a tour with a crossover flamenco sound, and even though it looks like a rough performance, their music conveys their passion”
“Zurito stole my heart in an instant. Cool and passionate melodies, bright and joyful latin groves. How should I put it, the groove feeling? It was the best”
“It was the first time I have seen someone play so well even with a broken string. Deeply impressive”
“I've been having a sleep disorder for a few years but I slept good last night”

Zurito isn’t the regular Spanish band at all. The duo wasn’t born after years and years of classical studies, rehearsals and recitals, they happened to play together for their common passion for busking. They met in Brixton, at The Effra Hall Tavern, where the caribbean ska jazz night united them with their magical grooves. Javi was living in London and Tere was just visiting a friend. Or that’s what she thought, as after spending the first night together with Javi, she would never see her friend anymore in the whole of her  journey. That night proved to be too short and the following morning the proposal of busking together happened.



Since their first encounter they started playing in the streets, first from London, and soon after, from many cities of Europe. Their love for each other and their need of being together (Tere's home was Barcelona) combined with the love they had for busking and travelling was the perfect mix for the birth of Zurito.

And that's how, even without realising, Tere started her professional career in music. Javi was already playing in successful bands in London but she would have never expected to end up playing a whole music tour in 17 different venues across the whole of Japan.

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Bookings: // 0044 7835220301

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