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Javi Pérez is a musician from Barcelona who has predominantly lived in London since 2013. He moved to UK alongside his rock band Everest, after experiencing good success in Barcelona. London would prove to be difficult for the band that had to face the money struggle together with finding a new scene. This would end up with only 3 of the 6 members starting up a new project called Undergrooveland. This new band would focus on busking around the streets. That would lead them to meet many musicians to collaborate with. The name of this new band was an idea of Yuji, an amazing drummer from Japan that Javi met while he was playing drums in the streets of Brixton. Yuji is a key person in Javi's musical career because he was the main inspiration for Javi to start busking. Undergrooveland released two albums which took them to do amazing things such a tour around Japan. Nowadays Undergrooveland is still a street rocking busking collective. While all this was happening, in 2015, Javi met Tere. From the very first moment a very strong bond united them through the music. Since then, they've brought their music to many countries in Europe and Morocco and India (Japan very soon). Around that time Javi was also aproached by Mosi Conde, a West Aafrikan kora player settled in London, and was invited to play in his band. With him he'd play his first gigs in venues such as the Green Note in Camden and Hootanany in Brixton. In 2016 Javi met Jaimie Benzies and joined his band Cykada and started a new music trip with them. He started discovering new sounds and rhythms from West Africa to Eastern Europe while mixing them with electronics, a saxophone, and a trumpet. He was diving in a new world: the New London Jazz Scene. Cykada was received with great success, not only in London but in Poland, Austria, Spain, Holland... They've toured all around and they even sold out their first vinyl run. Many festivals in the UK like Glastonbury, Love Supreme and Wilderness have also been infused with the mad futuristic sounds of this band. They've also played in venues such us The Roundhouse or The Jazz Cafe. Nowadays Javi's main projects are Cykada, Undergrooveland and sharing his own music busking in the streets always that he can do so (sometimes on his own and often with Tere). He is also involved in Brixton Wings Charity, where twice a week he teaches music to vulnerable kids from Brixton neighbourhood. 
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