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Yuji Kawaguchi

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Yuji is a Japanese drummer born and raised in Tokyo but his heart lives in the streets of London. With his drum solo project #STDRUMS he performs at venues, clubs etc. but he is also a busker, touring the streets of the world with his self-made portable suitcase drum kit. Yuji took Javi's guitars to create an album that he would use to busk all around.

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Mosi Conde


Mosi Conde solo or with his band Kaira Kora Afrika creates music that excites and delights, his virtuoso skill evident throughout. “We griots are born in music, every family plays together. Music is our life”. Mosi Conde’s celebration of his griot heritage shines through. Javi has played with him several concerts and even recorded the guitars for Mosi's single Children Don't Listen.

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Fady Berry White


Fady Berry White has always been a blues man and undoubtedly always will. He’s studied the big names and the little names, giving emphasis to the old country blues music at the moment. He sings forgotten songs that warm your heart, and here you’ll find his recordings and a very special old cassette that was created with Javi Perez in the mountains of the basque country

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